Valentines Card – Button Heart

Valentines Card – Button Heart

Full of buttons that make a red heart - this is an adorable card to make and give.

What you need

5 x 7 red card with envelope
4.5 x 6.5 white paper
4.3 x 6.3 striped red paper
5″ long red ribbon
White heart cut out of paper
Many small red, pink and white buttons
Craft stick glue
Red heart cut out of paper
Small white square
Small red square
White ink pad
“Thinking of you” stamp


Glue the white paper on top of the red card. Next, glue the striped paper on top of the white paper. Once you have done that, glue and layer on top of one another the two hearts.

And using your craft stick glue, glue and place your buttons on the heart. Glue the red ribbon on both sides of the hearts.

Layer the red square on top of the white square, and place your stamp “thinking of you” right in the center of the red paper.

Glue all of this and the remaining onto the card.

All done!


  1. …ohhh,,it so nyc…now the one for my,,boyfriend that i want to give vanlentines day…..thanks a lot……..<3

  2. Wow, this is so cute, I was wondering what to make for my boyfriend for Valentines and I found it! Thank you!

  3. hey that card is great simply easy to make it’s a nice design and u put lots of effort in it

    Erica Moso
    i’m 12 and loooove crafts

  4. OMG, how cute!! Wow, it’s such a great idea. All the materials are so easy to find and easy to put together. Good job!!

  5. Great Idea! Love the buttons! Can’t wait to try it.

  6. Very nice!! I like it alot!! The buttons are so cute! Definatly cute as a button card.

  7. It’s a really cool craft.But the only thing is you can’t make it for a bunch of people because it involves to much materials

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