Valentine Hearts Wall Dangler

Valentine Hearts Wall Dangler

This Valentine's day project uses recycled card to create a fun wall dangler perfect for classroom decorations. They are quick to make which makes it perfect for a kids craft.

What you need

Any heart shape from a candy box or cardboard
Red ribbon, or any curly ribbon
Scotch tape


Trace the shape onto cardboard and keep the template to use again.

Use the template to make cardboard hearts.

Paint the hearts either red or pink. I sponge-painted some of them.

Splatter glitter or make border on some.

When dry, turn them over and starting at the top heart, double the ribbon so that you can make a loop at the top to hang the wall decoration.

Glue or scotch tape the ribbon at the backs of the hearts with the double ribbon string till you get to the bottom.


  1. Lablady2007 says

    sweet idea.. will do!

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