Girls Dress Bag Holder

Girls Dress Bag Holder

This dress holder can be used for plastic bags, socks, underwear or just about anything. They look great in a nursery or a child's bedroom.

What you need

Baby Girls Dress (short sleeved)
and ribbon


Recycle a dress your child had grown out for a keepsake.


Start by sewing closed the arm holes of the girls dress then stuff it with some filling or some plastic bags. Next thread some elastic through the bottom hem of the dress or sew a hem and add the elastic to make your elasticated opening to pull the bags through at the bottom.

For the top you will of course need an opening to place the bags in through the top.

Either attach a clothes hanger into the dress and hang it up this way and place the bags in through the neck hole, or sew it closed and use buttons down the dress to open and close the hole to add the bags.

You will need to add a loop to hang the holder up with.


  1. gr8…………………….thnx

  2. I think it’s funny, and the idea is really brilliant. Why do you have to be so negative? Just because you CAN? And like shabbyanne said, it’s not for carrying around. ^^ Read the hole thing before you comment, guys!

    ~ Girl, Twelve year old. xD

  3. thats the worst thing i have ever seen… it would have been better as a lil girl’s dress

  4. Are you all morons. This isn’t a purse to carry around. This is to HOLD items in your home that are not so attractive. Like the bazillion plastic grocery bags that I recycle into trash bags. This is a MUCH cuter design than the tubes I’ve seen in stores and craft shows. AND I am one who has kept several of my boys ( now 23 and 24) outfits, stashed away in a box. Now I can sew up a little sailor suit for my laundry room, and some t-shirts in the bathrooms, and I’ll be making some for gifts too!! I own a boutique and bet these will sell like hot-cakes from clothes I can buy on clearance. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE IT!!!!!

  5. i wouldn’t walk around with that ugly thing. yuk. it’s cute as a baby bag but nothing else. sorry!

  6. I like the idea of it being a plastic bag holder! Have to try this one myself.

  7. great

  8. A child’s dress, should remain just that, don’t turn it into something cheesy, or even better donate it to charity.

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