Heart Shaped Crochet Earrings

Heart Shaped Crochet Earrings

This free Valentine's Day crochet project shows you how to make your very own Valentine's Heart Earrings. Perfect for little trinket gifts.

What you need

Small amounts of any of the following:
Denim Quick, Sugar N’ Cream, 6 Strand Embroidery Floss
or Knit Cro Sheen.
One Bead or Pearl (Optional)
Tacky or fabric glue (Optional)
One pair Earring wires
1 Pin Backing (If making Pin)
Hook Size: Steel 00/3.5mm


With MC (Red) Note: Ch 2 of Row 4, counts as Hdc.

Row 1) Ch 2, Sc in 2nd Ch from hook. (1 Sc)

Row 2) Ch 1, Turn, 2 Sc in next Sc. (2 Sc)

Row 3) Ch 1, Turn, 2 Sc in each of next 2 Sc. (4 Sc)

Row 4) Ch 2, Turn, HDC in base of Ch 2, Sc in next 2, 2 HDC in last Sc. (6 Stitches Total)

Row 5) Ch 2, Turn. Skip base of Ch 2, Dc Next HDC, Sl St next, Dc in next 2, Ch 2,

Sl St under Ch 2 of prior row. Sl ST down to pointand up to first Dc, Ch 2, Sl St in first Dc.

Fasten off. Weave in yarn ends.


With CC (White) Sl St in point of heart, *Ch 2, Sl St in edge of each row to SL St at top.

Ch 2, Sl St under base of Sl St (one row below).Ch 2, Sl St in Dc, Ch 2, Sl St in next Dc.

Ch 2, Sl St down edge of heart to point,Sl St in first Sl St. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Finishing Glue embellishments to heart if making earrings and allow drying,

Attach ear wires to center top. If making pin, glue pin backing to back of heart and allow drying.


Glue embellishments to heart

(Optional) If making earrings, attach ear wires to center top. If making pin, glue pin backing to back of heart.

All done!



  2. Row should read to add up for the person who said it didn’t add up:

    Row 4:Chain 2, HDC in base of Chain 2, sc in next each of next 2 sc (go directly next to Base of Chain 2 where you made your last HDC i.e. there should still be 4 sc showing from previous row), HDC in next sc and HDC in last sc. (Total of 6 stitches now) . (had chain 2 and hdc in same chain 2 increasing 2 stitches in the beginning of this row).

    Hope this helps the person who was confused about the pattern not adding up.

  3. I gave it a 5 star rating even though I haven’t tried it yet because I have been looking for a heart pattern small enough to make into a pin. I have a heart pattern @ home, but the end result is too big for a pin. Was VERY happy to find this!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Another thing that makes me happy about this is that this pattern looks easier than my other one. YAY ME! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. the number of stitches in row 4 don’t add up. you HDC in base of chain 2, SC in next 2 SC, 2 HDC in last SC. you only use 3 stitches but there should be 4 to crochet into.

  5. Lovely,Quick and Easy!! My fav way to craft!! Thanks for the pattern.

  6. Earring wire’s may be purchased through Amazon.com , Joann’s Fabric or Michael’s craft stores. Thank all of you for the nice comments.

  7. i dont know where to get the earing hooks can u help me? this project is sooooooo cool and i want to make it so……. please help!

  8. Beautiful รขโ„ขยฅ

  9. blueknitter4u says

    looks pretty and fun to make….lol

  10. Lovely, easy and timely ! What more could I ask?

  11. These are very cool. I will definately be making these

  12. Great directions, easy to follow. MC=main color; CC=complimentary color; SC=single crochet; DC=double crochet; sl st=slip stitch; CH=chain stitch. If you don’t know what any of those stitches are, then you can’t really do the project because it is a croc

  13. i would love to start making these, but i don’t understand what the “letters” stand for…it would have been better w/this info and pic’s to see as you go…..thanks

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