Upcycled Shamwow – Lizard Sponge

Upcycled Shamwow – Lizard Sponge

This upcycled project shows you how to take a Shamwow cloth and turn it into a fun children's sponge suitable for teaching them to mop up their own little messes.

What you need

Sewing machine


Print the pattern below onto an A4 sized paper. You can increase or decrease the pattern to suit your requirements.

Lizard Pattern

Sew both body pieces together putting the legs and tail in place as you go. The legs and  tail are a single layer not double like the body.

Before finishing your stitching around fill the body section with scrap pieces cut very fine.

Now stitch across the neck to stop the filling going in the head.

You can embroider eyes on if you want like I did.



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