Upcycled – Denim Jeans Organizer

Upcycled – Denim Jeans Organizer

Depending on what you intend to use your organizer for will determine the size of the pockets you make. We made a organizer to go on the back of the door that will fit in slippers, scarfs and whatever else needs clearing up. For shoe pockets you need to make sure that the pockets are deep enough to prevent the shoes from toppling out. We made these pockets 6 inch deep.

What you need

Old Denim Jeans
Tape Measure
Trouser hanger


The Jeans come with a pair of pockets to start with and we will keep these as they are.

Draw a line under the actual jean pocket this will be your first cut line.

Denim Jeans Organizer Step 1

Denim Jeans Organizer Step 1

From the bottom of the actual jeans pocket measure 7 inch this top line will be your sew line and then measure 1 inch below that and this line will be your CUT line. Measure 7 inches from the next line and so on till you are at the bottom of the jeans.

Denim Jeans Organizer Step 2

Denim Jeans Organizer Step 2

You may need to alter the size of your bottom pocket to suit the leg length of your jeans. Once you have measured both legs out you can begin sewing.

Denim Jeans Organizer Step 3

Denim Jeans Organizer Step 3

Use bright thread for a funky look or white and blue for a traditional jeans finish. Remember to sew the foot of the jean closed as well for your bottom pocket Once finished sewing cut the cut lines using scissors, remember you are only cutting through 1 side of the jeans to form a pocket.

Denim Jeans Organizer Step 4

Denim Jeans Organizer Step 4

Just pinch the jean and snip with your scissors to get it started and then cut along your line. You can fray these lines for a more dramatic look, or even edge these cuts with some bright ribbons. Embellishing this organizer could give it an original look to suit your style add glitter, paints, sequins or felt pens to draw graffiti.

Finish it off by pegging it to a pair of trouser hangers and hang it up.


  1. ruined a good pair of jeans πŸ™

  2. hi love it

  3. Love IT!!!!!!!

  4. I love your idea. It makes a great wall pocket organizer. I’m always looking for something new to do with my crafts. I try to think up all kinds of things to make. Sometimes they turn out , sometimes they don’t. But I keep trying.

  5. I know this is a great idea. I made two several years ago and am still using them. I ripped open the inside seam of the legs and cut the jeans apart by the zipper and the back seam. I made pockets of different fabrics and decorated with buttons.

  6. Why? wouldn’t it be a waste of jeans even if they are old or just don’t fit you could give them as second hand or summin…

  7. It’s ugly, and looks awkward to use.

  8. i will hang a pair in the laundry room to catch all the stuff that gets left there or forgotten in someones pockets I think its a great idea and thanks hubby for donating your jeans

  9. that’s a great idea! i may alter it a little though…just to add some flare πŸ˜€

  10. Good idea. I’m going to run with it and see what I can do. Thanks. And it’s not “butt ugly.”

  11. It will look better with half of the pants and use the pockets that come on the jeans as the storge

  12. would look ok in the garage or workshop

  13. eww sorry its ugly

  14. sorry but eew

  15. It is so HOT.. AND& When i make it i’m gonna decorate it with scrap materials and beads… LOVIN It ♥

  16. I made mine out of overalls and used a tie through the belt loops. Looks great!!!

  17. i dont care what anyone says-it’s a great idea and sooo creative…true, it might need somethin to liven it up a bit, i still like it…
    only where do you put something like that? ill try it anyway

  18. good idea just not attractive looking

  19. Great and creative idea.
    couldn’t u try cutting the legs and sewing the pockets so that the opening is at the side.
    then u could hang ’em hortontially.
    i think it would look neater.

  20. A really good idea, especially if you’re short of drawer space

  21. Brittany: Hi i love it i made it for a “DPA” project for 4-h and hope i win thanks

  22. The idea is extremely creative. If anyone finds it unattractive they could try sewing pockets on the legs with their favorite scrap fabrics.


  24. Clever, but not very attractive.

  25. I may use this to organize my craft suplies.

  26. yo the idea is quite clever …but it needs to be alot more decorative..denin isnt my scence aloth its a great space saver

  27. cool idea

  28. chinchilla_chilieboy says

    i love making things out of denim but this isnt that cute….I still gave it a very good for creatitivy and originallity…. chect out my pattern plz…;) ”kniting needle case”lol love u much josie;)

  29. GreenMonkey11 says

    I like how creative it is.. and it’s kool. But I dislike how it looks. But great job! But it’s awesome. I’m just not a fan. Don’t get me wrong.

  30. It is a bit plain, but it’s an ingenenious idea and I am sure someone could make it look different again with embellishments:beads,embroidery, applique – anything you like really. Plus, that would be a good way to improve beginner’s crafting skills too.

  31. what were you thinking its ugly
    butt ugly

  32. this craft will save lots of space!

  33. Ohh, I love this idea!

  34. mustangmargie says

    great idea

  35. Made It !! So Cool Looks fantastic

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