Tulle Pot Pourri Round

Tulle Pot Pourri Round

This project is quick yet effective and is great for fundraisers and group crafts.

What you need

Light tulle
Pot pourri
Sewing machine


Start by cutting the tulle into a circles you will need 2 circles per holder. (the size you choose is up to you)

If you are making these in a group you can fold your fabric up several times cutting multiples at one time depending on how sharp your scissors are.

Take your rounds and sew them together with a sewing machine leaving a hole at the top to stuff the pot pourri in.

Alternatively you can hand sew these rounds or even glue them using hot glue or craft glue.

Use a pencil to help push the pot pourri into the hole and close it up with some glue or a few more stitches.

Add the ribbon for decoration and a small ribbon loop for hanging it up.


  1. Love it!!!! Made a bunch of these for gifts and they were well received. I used the tulle circles from the dollar store and just hand stitched around them. Very easy to do.

  2. I like that kind of thing, very romantic

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