Trendy Fabric Basket

Trendy Fabric Basket

This tutorial shows you how to make a fabric basket suitable for all types of storage. This free pattern creates a storage basket that you can change into any style or size.

What you need

(1/2 mt.of printed fabric)

Strip of stiffener large enough to go around your basket. Approximately (83 cm x 16 cm)

It is very easy to alter the size or shape if you wish (25 cm in diameter) (16 cm deep)

Check out our tutorial on fabric stiffener.


Step 1: Cut out two circle shapes – 25 cm in diameter each.

Step 2: Next cut out your oblong piece (83 cm x 32 cm). This will then be folded in half to become (83 cm x 16 cm).

Step 3: Cut two strips for handles (26 cm x 6 cm ) – folded in half to become (26 cm x 3 cm).

Step 4: Cut the same pieces out of stiffener. I used insulation foam which is not only a good stiffener but is also very easy to sew (the type that you put under laminated flooring).

Step 5: Start sewing your two circles together right side facing inwards. Leave a gap so you can turn it. The gap should be big enough to push your stiffener inside and the stiffener may need trimming slightly to allow for the stitching. Once the stiffener is inside stitch the gap closed either by machine or hand stitching.

Step 6: With the right side facing inwards, stitch along the length of the two straps. Press flat with the seam being on the inner side.

Step 7: Now open the oblong piece and stitch the two ends together. Then fold the side in half and put your stiffener in place, position your straps equally and stitch in place either on the outside or inside (I did mine on the inside).

Step 8: Fold the edges under where the strap attaches to the basket.

Step 9: Now stitch your basket side to the bottom.

 And you’re finished!

 Why not make a few of these bags for the laundry, kids room, lounge or the car?

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