Tree Ornament Idea: Felt Candy Cone

Tree Ornament Idea: Felt Candy Cone

Use a simple square of felt to create this tree ornament and then fill it with candy!

What you need

5 Inch (12.7cm)Square of felt
Ribbon or wool
Craft Glue
3 buttons
1 small Christmas bell


Cut a 5″ inch (12.7cm) square of felt and fold into a cone shape. Secure the overlapping edge with a small amount of craft glue.

Embellish your cone with some Christmas buttons, pom poms or other festive items.

Using a large needle thread the wool through the top of the cone to form the hanging cord.

Glue or sew on the Christmas bell to the bottom to complete your cone.

Fill with candy, small gifts or chocolates as shown.

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