Tree Ornament – Button Snowman

Tree Ornament – Button Snowman

Try making this super cute felt snowman ornament with only a few supplies and easy steps. This Christmas craft is fun to make and perfect as a tree ornament or as a Christmas gift tag.

What you need

For this project you’ll need:

Hot glue



Step-1: Cut out 2 circle pieces from blue felts. Use light colored felt for the ornaments background, this will be the sky. Prepare buttons, a piece of ribbon, small faux white beads, tiny felt hat, bow and mufflers.


Step-2: Cut out a small piece from white felt for the snow. Place the circle felts together and then place the white piece at the bottom by matching the outer edges of each piece. Fold the ribbon into half and insert the open ends of thee ribbon in between thee 2 circle pieces.


Step-3: Prepare needle and thread and stitch around the sides of the felts to join them. I did flat blanket stitches.


Step-4: Sketch out a pattern or scene for the ornament. Glue and place the items on their places using fabric glue. Allow the glue to dry.

Make as many as you want with different patterns on them.

Happy crafting!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!