Tree Ornament – Bling Bling Snowflake

Tree Ornament – Bling Bling Snowflake

This Free Christmas craft project shows you how to make a quick home-made tree ornament that the kids will have fun sticking together.

What you need

56 1/4 inch (8mm) sequins
black Heavy Card stock
Fine cord for hanging
1/2 inch sequin (1.5cm)
Craft glue


Take your sequins and glue them into a star shape onto the black card. Place the large sequin in the middle.

Once the sequins are dry, cut out the design with some scissors.

You could even allow small children to glue the sequins into any shape or design as the black really makes the sequins pop!

All done!


  1. i liked this alot! it is very cute.

  2. i love it

  3. a very good family night christmas craft

  4. quick, easy, cute! I love it!!! : )

  5. Even my very picky sister couldn’t resist this hip gift!

  6. i like it because it is preety

  7. Pretty, easy, and cheap!

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