Retro Chic Eclectic Necklace

Retro Chic Eclectic Necklace

This jewelry making projects shows you how to make an 80's eclectic necklace that uses odds and ends you may find in your drawer as well as store bought earrings.

What you need

Retro Chic Plastic Earrings
Metal butterfly
Glass crystals or plastic drops
Any other odds and ends
jump rings
Large 1/2 inch ring


To begin with you will need to remove the earring loops from any earrings, you can do this by simply undoing the loops with some pliers.

Add a new jump ring to each earring and also to any other items you wish to hang off the necklace.

These items have been attached to the 1/2 inch metal ring to create the pendant, you could recycle an old keychain or even some hardware supplies for the ring.

Add as little or as much as you want till you create something inspiring and something that is sure to be a conversation piece.

What you need

Kasbah Style Earrings
Jewelry Chain
Jump ring


This jewelry making project shows you how to create a custom necklace pendant using inexpensive store bought kasbah style earrings.

To begin with you need to remove the earring loop, you can do this with a pair of pliers.

Attach a new jump ring to the pendant so that it will sit correctly on the chain.

This is also a great way to recycle damaged or lost earrings.

Altered Art – Junk Bracelet

This tutorial shows you how to take broken jewellery pieces and turn them into something new

What you need

Bracelet with clasp
assorted beads and scrap items
broken earrings
broken necklace chains
jump rings
jewelry wire
round nose pliers


This Altered art project shows you how to turn broken jewelry pieces, single earrings and odds and ends into a beautiful altered art junk bracelet.

The key to creating a beautiful altered art bracelet it layers of different items. For this project we used :

broken earrings
broken lengths of necklace chains
old necklace pendants

and just attached them to the bracelet chain using jump rings.

Oddments of beads have been added using jewelry nose pins that were hand made using lengths of wire. Simply take your length of wire and twist one end into a loop using your round nose pliers. Add your beads and then close the length of wire by forming another loop with your pliers.

Randomly add your oddments to the bracelet chain creating a layered look.

What you need

Retro Chic Earrings
Butterfly Brooch
Silicone or Jewelry Glue
2 jump rings


This jewelry making project shows you how to convert a pair of store bought plastic retro chic earrings into a custom jewelry pendant.

To begin you need to remove the earring loop from the earring with a pair of pliers. Next attach 1 jump ring to the earring pendant and then add the next jump ring to that jump ring.

You double up the jump rings so that the pendant will sit correctly on a chain.

Take the butterfly brooch and remove the clasp from the back. You can do this by pulling the glued section off with pliers.
Alternatively you can leave this section connected and just remove the pin.

Using strong silicone or craft glue adhere the butterfly to the earring pendant as shown.

Once the glue is dried thread your chain through the jump rings for a beautiful custom jewelry piece.


  1. Awesome idea!
    This is a wonderful way to turn those old earings or odds and ends into something unique that represents you.

    Thanks!!!! <3

  2. That’s really cool I never thought of that!

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