Traditional Easter Eggs

Traditional Easter Eggs

This free Easter craft project shows you how to make traditional Easter eggs using dye and food coloring.

What you need

Food Coloring


The traditional method of making Easter eggs uses melted wax repetitively dipping the eggs in colored dyes and adding designs by painting on melted wax or using a wax crayon.

Draw your designs onto your egg using a crayon. You can use a white crayon (actually any color you want) or hard paraffin wax to draw on designs which will resist the dye.

The dye can be clothing dye which you can get from any local craft supplier or you can use strong food color for a more softer effect.

Dip the eggs into the dye. When they are dry remove the crayon with a cloth. You can repeat the process by drawing on new designs and re-dipping the egg. You can overlap some of the colors for variety.

Be sure to start with the lightest dye and work your way to the darker ones. If you want to keep an area a particular color, cover it with masking tape.

Baskets of these eggs look great for Easter events and parties or add a few to your Easter bonnet.


  1. I’m a little confused about the instructions and the top pic is a “normal” egg

  2. Great alternative to an chocolate easter egg hunt

  3. These are a great project for the holidays

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