Girls Crochet Handbags

Girls Crochet Handbags

Make these lovely handbags using Cotton yarn. You can choose different colours and alternate them to create stripe effects or edging. You can match the colours to suit any outfit, whether it be a special occasion or going out to do some shopping!

What you need

Tools = 5mm crochet hook, darning needle.
Yarn: Lily Sugar n Cream 100% pure cotton
Colours used, Country Red & Hot Green



girls crochet handbag

Cotton Yarn




CH 50 + 1 = 51.


Sk 1st St, SC into 2nd St continue across to end = 50 SC  turn Ch 2


SC across to end repeat rows to desire length (picture bag is 50 rows)

You can change colours whenever you wish to create different effects using different colours of cotton yarn


Sl into each Sc across row.  Finish off and sew with darning needle all lose ends.

Using daring needle thread yarn and sew two sides together to join into Tote bag shape.

Once sewn together turn bag inside out and push out corners.


Ch 60 +1, turn Ch 2, SC across turn and Ch 2, repeat 3 more rows = 4 rows.

Sew straps 4 rows below the top of bag on both sides.


Magic circle, Sc x 6 into centre, Sl St into first Sc, pull yarn at bottom tight to create circle.

Into first St, SC x 1 into same St, Dc x 3, Sc x 1, next St Sc x 1 Dc x 3 Sc x 1 into same stitch, continue around until you have 5 petals.

Sew flowers onto end of straps on front side of bag only.


  1. Kathe Peterson says

    Pattern is a little weird…how much yarn is needed? SC x 1??? Isn’t that one?!

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