Toilet Roll Puzzle

Toilet Roll Puzzle

Fun to make and fun to use, these paper roll puzzlers provide little ones with lots of mix ‘em up, match ‘em up fun.

What you need

Cardboard rolls from paper towels or bathroom tissue
White paper
Glue stick
Head-to-toe pictures of people cut from magazines


  1. To make each paper roll puzzler, first cover cardboard rolls with white paper. Secure with glue.
  2. Then cut each roll into 2-inch sections.
  3. Find pictures of people in magazines and carefully cut them out. (Head-to-toe pictures work best.)
  4. Measure from the top of each picture, to the bottom and mark at two-inch intervals.
  5. Then cut the pictures into these two-inch sections.
  6. The size of your picture will determine how many paper roll sections you will need. Some puzzles will have two or three sections while others may have four.
  7. Glue each two-inch picture section to a paper roll section. Now you’ve created the puzzle pieces.
  8. Next stack them up to recreate the original picture or mix and match them to create wacky variations.
  9. You can also glue a second picture to the backside of each roll section, to double your puzzle fun!

All done!

Toilet Roll Puzzle

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