Tissue Paper Candle

Tissue Paper Candle

In this project we show you how to emboss a candle using printed tissue paper. This project is great for gift baskets items, as it allows you to match your tissue paper for wrapping with the candle in your basket.

What you need

Tissue paper with an image on it (I used Victoria Secret Tissue paper, but you could just stamp an image)
Blank candle
Heating tool or blowdryer
Wax paper


Step 1: Rip out a printed tissue paper image…

Tissue Paper Candle

Step 2: Place the tissue image against the candle and tightly wrap wax paper around the candle.

Wrap Tissue Paper Around Candle

Step 3: Turn on your heating tool and aim it at your tissue image. Watch the tissue seem to “melt away’… after a while you won’t see the tissue paper anymore (btw… taking this picture was awkward!)

Emboss Candle

Step 4: Remove wax paper

This project was contributed by Nicole Tinch, Check out her Knitting blog


  1. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂
    Always wondered how this was done xxx

  2. neato!! I’m gonna try this for a quick after school project!!
    Great job!

  3. this is sooooo cool people ask me “oh how dod your candles match the wrapping paper so i simply tell them about this website and its cool ideas

  4. cute idea!

  5. I’ve always wondered if his is safe to burn the candle all the way through when you do this?

  6. my art class loved this!

  7. nice and clear instructions will try it.

  8. mainly i still need to but the candle so wads the point???

  9. I’m going to make a bunch of candles this way for x-mas! They should be really cute!

  10. this idea is awesome i’m gonna try it out today.Hannah.

  11. very nice and directions are clear
    thank you

  12. I know my mom will love it. She loves candles, and when I homemake her gifts

  13. cool idea. I cant wait to try it. My motherinlaw is always giving me big bulky ugly candles. Now I know what I can do with them. Thanks

  14. Awesome! I’m definitely going to try this method! Heather from bittymoose.com

  15. oh neat! i cant wait to try this!

  16. I love this idea. It’s great for a fast Christmas or other gift. :]

  17. I had some really cute tissue paper from some shoes i bought…. the candles are way cute!!!! Love it thank you!

  18. wow! This is awesome! I always wondered how they did this!

  19. About to try it right now!

  20. great one to help kids to to!!

  21. Very cool. Keep a bunch of plain candles around and personalize as needed!

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