Tinted Lipgloss

Tinted Lipgloss

This free craft project shows you how to make your very own tinted homemade lip gloss.

What you need

2 tbs of petroleum jelly
few shavings of beeswax
10 drops of your choice of essence
1/2 stick of favorite lipstick for color.


Melt the petroleum jelly and beeswax on a low heat until the wax is melted. Remove it from the heat.

While the mix is still hot add the lipstick at this point. If you are not adding the lipstick then carry on to the next step.

knife and lipstick


Once the lip gloss is at room temp add any essences and stir.

While the gloss is still runny pour it into little pots like baby food jars or little vials.

If you use essential oil only add 2-3 drops maximum or you just might find you have made a very tingly lip gloss.

All done!


  1. great

  2. this is blimpin! (good)

  3. pat.jelly? ewwwwwwww

  4. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    The small container was bought from a craft store as a bead storage container

  5. craftygirl9i6 says

    where did you get that case?

  6. It says essence, as in food flavouring.

  7. Do you mean essential oil or food flavouring essence? Can food flavouring essence be used?

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