Thanksgiving – Give Thanks Tree

Thanksgiving – Give Thanks Tree

This thanksgiving tutorial shows you how to make a tree to which you can stick maple leaves of "Thanks" onto it.Perfect for a thanksgiving dinner or fall family project.

What you need

Brown paper bag
Sand for bag
Branch from garden
Cut out maple leaves
Sharpie Pen


The idea of this tree is to stick on a Maple leaf with a “thankful” or “great-ful” for message on it.

Once the tree is full you have a beautiful Thanksgiving table center-piece.

To start, take a maple leaf design,cut out and color or paint as many as you think you can fit onto your found tree branch.

The tree branch was anchored into the brown paper bag using sand, but you could easily add it to a plant pot or vase.thanksgiving-tree

Use the images of the maple leaves above for inspiration. Have fun this Thanksgiving!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!