Sweet Honey Hand Cream

Sweet Honey Hand Cream

Combine honey and vaseline for a luxurious rub that will leave your hands smooth.

What you need

1 cup of Vaseline or petroleum jelly
4 tbs of Honey
6 tbs of Liquid glycerin (found at pharmacy or health food stores)


Mix all the ingredients together and melt down over a low heat using a double boiler method.

Once it has melted and blended together pour into a suitable container such as a jar or deep tub.


  1. Rating a five but haven’t tried this recipe. I have eczema & am allergic to petroleum products. Is there an alternative to vaseline? This is the first recipe that I have found that has definate possibilities!! Thank You SOOO Much!

  2. i rated this as a three, but as i havent tried it, dont pay much attention to that. is liquid glycerin from wilton, like for cake making ok?

  3. Those of you who object to the Vaseline’s texture obviously dont have a child with eczema. Vaseline is almost always the main ingredient in the high dollar, brand name body creams for “people with extremely dry skin” .My grown son had eczema horribly has an infant and toddler and I was told by his doctor to use Crisco on him. Now my one year old grandson has it , and you can bet your sweet bippy he’s slathered in Vaseline every night and day to keep the poor little guy from the terrible itching.

  4. I voted it as a three, just because it was a fairly greasy lotion in the end. It works, and it’s great on the nails, but it doesn’t absorb very quickly

  5. Is glycerin really necessary?

  6. i tried it and u cant even tell dat there iz vaseline in it

  7. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    Please make sure you try these recipes before making comment as it is unfair to rate something without trying it. Glycerin can be bought from a pharmacy or health food store.

  8. craftygirl9i6 says

    gosh they’re mean…i can’t wait to try it…right after i hunt down the liquid glycerine!

  9. very sticky and greasy

  10. disgusting!

    Vaseline? this would be a horrible sticky mess!

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