Swarovski Crystal Pearl and Black Velvet

Swarovski Crystal Pearl and Black Velvet

Swarovski Crystal pearls are a great alternative to expensive, genuine pearls. These pearls are made with an innovative pearl coating, giving them a silky, smooth, flawless look. Available in many amazing colors, these pearls give you the look of timeless tradition, with the option to add your personality! They are also scratch and UV ray resistant! Below is a very simple DIY project using Swarovski Pearls.

What you need

Swarovski Crystal Pearls
Black Velvet Ribbon
2 part epoxy glue Glue


Materials Needed For Necklaces:

3- 30″ strands of knotted or unknotted (any color) Swarovski 5810 Round Pearls in 5 mm or 8 mm

* Pearls sold in strands

4 feet and 1/4″ or 3/8″ thick black velvet ribbon

* Sold Separately


First twist tie the pearls together at the top to hold the necklace together temporarily.

Start in the middle of the strands (where it would lie the longest on your body) with the center of the ribbon and wrap the ribbon around the pearls. When you finish both sides tie a bow on top. You can use a little glue in a few places to secure the ribbon.

Caution: do not use the clasps, just take the necklace on and off over your head


Materials for Bracelet:

1 – 30″ strand of 10mm endless pearls (any color)

5 feet in length and 3/8″ thick black velvet ribbon


Starting with the middle of the length of the ribbon, wrap the pearls circling around all strands simultaneously. Wrap pearls continuously around wrist.

Voila! Classy Sophistication!!


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