Submitting Layouts for Publication

Submitting Layouts for Publication

If you are looking for websites of the magazines to send your layouts then this article is for you. I have made a list of the magazines websites to send your layouts to.

There also a few tips in helping complete this task.

What you need



Electronic Scans

This is the fastest and cheapest way to submit your layout. Scan the layout into your computer and send as attachments by email. If you are chosen to be published then they will ask for the original copy. Check the instructions most of the magazines prefer a certain size and the instructions are usually listed on the sites.

Mailing the Layout

Again never mail the original layout. If taking photos of your layout then make sure you take them out of the page protector or you will get a glare and not be able to see the layout. Send the pictures to the magazine you choose to try to get published in.

Colored Copies

By taking a colored copy of the layout you can then mail the colored copy off to the magazines to get published.

Here is a list of Websites available for sending your layouts in to be published.

Good Luck to everyone who sends their layouts into to be published. I have a friend who has a few pages published in magazines.

Magazines and Websites to send your layouts

While I was searching around the Scrap Submit site seemed very popular.

You send your layouts to them and they notify you if you have been chosen for publication.

Creating Keepsakes Magazine

Editorial Submissions

Creating Keepsakes 354 Mountain Way Drive
Orem, UT 84058-5122

Electronic submissions –

Send the email to Include your scan as an attachment to the message. Note: Attached files MUST be less than 500K. If your layout is accepted, you will be asked to mail a copy of the original.

Ivy Cottage Creations Magazine

Color copies may be mailed to:
Cottage Creations
PO Box 50688 Provo
UT 84605-0588

Write your name, phone number, address, and e-mail (if available) on each page submission. The page must be an original idea – no copied ideas will be accepted. Write detailed instructions on how you constructed each page. List the brand name, color, etc. of all products used, including paper, scissors, templates, pens, stamps, ink color, software, fonts, etc.

E-mail scanned submissions to:

Memory Makers Magazine

Memory Makers
Idea Coordinator
12365 Huron Street Suite 500
Denver Colorado 80234-3438

PaperKuts Magazine

Editorial Submissions

232 West 540 North Holland Square
Orem, UT 84057

E-mail Submissions:

Remember to write your name, phone number, address and your email address. Also pages must be original. Copied ideas will not be accepted. Write details on how you did each page and include all the information on items used. The sheet # and color#, if you used templates, the font you used or letter stickers, scissors or trimmers etc.

For help on learning how to size or stitch your layouts I found the following websites.

Creative Scrapbooking:
Scanning and Stitching Scrapbook Album Layouts
by Cythia M. Aning

TSIN’s All About Scrapbooking:
Scanning 12 x 12 pages with Adobe
by Cara Stroud
Scanning 12 x 12 pages with Paint Shop Pro
by Jennia Hart

Good Luck and have Fun!!!!!

This Article was Contributed by Pat Steinmetz

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