Stripey The Mouse

Stripey The Mouse

This free knitting pattern shows you how to make a fun little knitted toy mouse 4 inch (10 cm). You can fill this toy with catnip herbs for a fun cat's toy.

What you need

Using 30 grams Aran (12 ply wool)
Size 10 (6mm) needles
Toy filling


Cast on 5 sts.

Row 1 Knit twice into every st (10sts)
Row 2 P
Row 3 knit twice into every st (20sts)
St-St 12 rows

Shape Head

Every alternate row P

K3 (K2 tog, K4) (K2 tog, k4) K2 tog. K3 (17sts)
P1 Row
K3 (K2 tog, K3) (K2 tog, K3) K2 tog. K2 (14sts)
P1 Row
K3 (K2 tog, K3) K2 tog.K4 (12sts)
P1 Row
K3 (K2 tog, K3) K2 tog.K 2 (10sts)
P1 Row
K2 (K2 tog, K2) K2 tog.K2 (8sts)
P1 Row
K2 tog 4 times (4sts)
P1 Row
K2 tog 2 times (2sts)
Thread yarn through remaining stitches and fasten off.

Sew side seams together and stuff.

Ears (make 2)

Cast on 4sts
K 1 row
next row inc into first and last stitch (6sts)
k 1 row
K2 tog at beginning and end (4sts)
K2 tog twice
K2 tog thread yarn through needle and fasten off.

Make a chain 3 inch for tail and sew into place. Thread black wool through head for whiskers. Make eyes with 2 French knots.

Sew ears into place.


  1. Excellent! Just finished it. My kitty already loves it!

  2. cool cat toy!!! thanks for the pattern.

  3. Oops… I didn’t mean that the instructions for the ears weren’t GIVEN, but just that they might be a little bit complicated! Excuse me :~) The ear pattern I wrote was for a toy bear, but make cute little round ears for any stuffed animal. 😉

  4. How cute! And, as it is not given, an easy and very simple way to make the ears is – Cast on anywhere from 4 to 8 stitches (8 would make big ears… which would be CUTE on a mouse!), knit a couple of rows (4 rows if you are doing 8 stitches, but probably around 2 rows if you are only doing 4 stitches), and then thread the yarn back through the stitches on the needle. (I use a yarn needle.) Once the yarn is threaded through the stitches, you can just slide ’em off the needle. Pull it tight and it makes a little circle! – Keep in mind, that I haven’t knit this mouse, and my ear “pattern” might be way to big or small. Tweak it some to make it work!

  5. Lady Catford says

    Catnip – a herb that cats really really like. They act silly and roll in the dried leaves, then lie around looking gooned.

  6. It’s cute, but I agree, how do you make the ears? And catnip is a type of herb, apperently cats love it’s smell.

  7. On third decrease row, the number of stitches do not add up. I knitted 4 at the end instead of 3. Also, how do you make the ears????

  8. Cute pattern but how do you make the ears?

  9. Bit weird! lol. and what is cat nip?

  10. Lady Catford says

    I knitted this and it looks really cute, but how do I make the ears

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