Strawberry Leaves Face Cleanser

Strawberry Leaves Face Cleanser

This face-wash cream cleanses your face and makes it smooth and soft. It also helps clean the pores in your skin.

What you need

Strawberry Leaves (about 10-15)
Pestle and Mortar or blender/food processor
Small Container


1: Pick your strawberry leaves and wash them.

2: Put them in the Mortar or in a blender/processor.

Strawberry Face Wash

3: Add some of the milk and grind/blend the leaves until it becomes a green paste.

4: When it reaches the paste stage you’re finished. You can add more leaves and milk to make more of the paste but you only need a small amount for your face.

5: Apply some of the paste to your face. Enough to cover the whole of your face and then put the rest of the paste in the container.

Leave the paste on your face until it dries. Then wash it off with warm water.

Strawberry Leaves Face Paste


– Put the paste in the fridge so it won’t go off because of the milk.

– Always stir it before you put it on your face.

– The paste lasts about 4-5 days

Enjoy i hope you like this idea i use it all the time now alot better than buying face clenser


  1. People need to be really careful with Strawberry leaves. Strawberry leaves experience a toxic chemical change while drying that makes them poisonous when partially dry or wilted. This is not lethal but will cause uncomfortable nausea and vomiting. If you choose to use this, they have to be extremely FRESH, absolutely no wilting, Always be careful to use only sane leaves. Blight or spots found on strawberry leaf, can be a sign of a pernicious form of mold or fungus. To stay on the safe side, use only immaculate leaves.
    A lot of people are allergic to Strawberries, so you are your own judge. Personally I would not do this. unless you really know what you are doing.

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