Embossed Key Chain

Embossed Key Chain

If you do not know how to emboss your craft stamps then follow the link below for more detailed instructions.

What you need

Small stamp of choice
Black Ink
Metal ID tag
Copper embossing powder
Heat Gun


The metal ID tags can be bought from key stores, hardware stores and even pet stores.

Take the tag and your chosen craft stamp and stamp the tag.

Quickly pour the embossing powder over the wet ink and shake off any excess.

Using the heat gun melt the embossing powder for around 10-15 seconds onto the metal tag.

Be careful as both the embossing powder and the metal tag will be very hot.

Allow it to cool and then you have a funky embossed key tag.

Learn How To Emboss


  1. how hard is it to do if you’ve never done something like this before?

  2. so cool!

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