Strawberry Detox Facial

Strawberry Detox Facial

The strawberries detox your face bringing impurities to the top of your pores which may cause some mild blemishes so don't use this one just before a big date.

What you need

1/2 punnet of hulled strawberries
4 tbs of rice flour


Place your strawberries into a blender or use a fork to mash them up. Mix in the rice flour to form a thick paste.

Apply it to a moist face in a soft circular motion and then rinse off straight away with warm water.

Apply a light soothing lotion to your face afterwards


  1. I cant wait to try it!!!!!!!

  2. would corn or normal flour work instead???

  3. It is a known fact that all Detox recipes will bring the toxins out of the skin.

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