Sticker Birthday Card

Sticker Birthday Card

This handmade card is very simple to do, because everything that you buy for the card is fast and easy to use.

What you need

5′ by 7′ white folded greeting card with envelope
Light purple 5′ by 7′ cardstock
1.5mm thick white with yellow ribbon
‘Happy Birthday’ scrapbook embellishments
3D foam dots 1/16′ thin
Craft stick glue


You first need to glue on your purple cardstock onto your greeting card.

Second, place your ribbon about 1′ away from the edge of the card.

You may place your ribbon by using 3D foam dots.

Once you have done that, you may now place your ‘birthday’ embellishments any way you would like.


  1. Simple yet cute:) I like it!!

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