Mother’s Day Craft: Stepping Stones

Mother’s Day Craft: Stepping Stones

You will need a small mold for these stepping stones and below are some suggestions as to what you can use.

What you need

Pre-Mix cement
Petroleum jelly
Bucket for Cement mix


Ice cream containers, bucket bottoms, large catering margarine containers, kitty litter trays, tin foil baking and pie trays.


Begin by mixing up the premix quick set cement which can be found at your local hardware store. Follow the instructions on your brand of cement mix.


Tap out any bubbles with gentle movement.


Have the children or yourself standby ready with sleeves rolled up and with petroleum jelly on their hands for protection from the cement (this will just wash off afterwards).

Pour the cement into the molds and tap it until it settles nice and flat and then have the children place their hand into the mold.

Alternatively the children can just decorate the stones with glass marbles or mosaic tiles.We used sticks to draw onto our stones rather then coming into contact with the cement.


Allow the stones to set before tapping them out of the molds. Wrap them up and attach one of these lovely poems.

Child’s Poem

When you step upon this stone

Just think about how much I’ve grown.

I made this in my own special way

To show you my love on mother’s day

Adult Poem

This is to remind you

When all the years go by

That I’ll always love you

When times are low and high.

This stepping stone will survive

Through heat and snow and rain

Just like the love between us

It will never strain.


  1. This is awesome. I would love receiving something like this and
    put it in my flower garden. Several of them.


  2. I have done something familar to this with my grandkids. It is a great project to do with them.

  3. this is so cool

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