Spoon Handle Bracelet

Spoon Handle Bracelet

Old silver spoons make attractive pieces of jewelry and can often be purchased at jumble sales or in markets.

What you need

Old silver spoon
Piercing saw
Half round pliers
Fine grade sandpaper
Silver polish


Old silver spoons make attractive pieces of jewelry and can often be purchased at jumble sales or in markets.

Pick a spoon with a long handle for this project, as it will give your bracelet more size.

Start by sawing off the scoop of the spoon and file down the sawn off edges until the handle is nice and smooth.
Use the fine grade paper to sand away the file marks.

With a little muscle bend the spoon handle around to make a bracelet shape. If you have a round pipe that you can use to bend this over it will help to get a smooth overall even shape. Otherwise just keep working the spoon handle till you are happy with the shape.


  1. tomgirl1219 says

    i love this. im curious though can you leave the sppon part on the end? i think it would be really cute.

  2. If the spoon is way too hard to bend yourself, try putting it over a gas stove, using gloves so your fingers don’t get burnt and safety first! That way it will soften up and make it easier to bend around a rolling pin or something like that, and you could use a rubber mallet to pound it around the rolling pin too??? Then just buff it all up and put little pretties all over it! and voila and pretty spoon bracelet! Hope this works, good luck to all!! 😉

    I’ll give it 4 stars, it’s really cute, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  3. I’ve done spoon rings but never thought to try a bracelet. I always come across odd spoons at thrift stores. Here in Fl ice tea spoons are common too. Thanks for a great idea.

  4. I’ve seen spoon bracelets like this for sale. I wanted to make one for myself but I didn’t know what tools to use. Thanks.

  5. Great activity!!
    creative and very different. I like it thank you

  6. tyhis is realy cool

  7. it has great character it is good for a village style.

  8. add something to it like you can stick on some beads or anything but i luv the idea!!

  9. No pics, very basic, could have expanded upon the idea with additional options.

  10. The best!!!!!!

  11. i love it but am i just too weak…i can’t bend the spoon for the life of me.

  12. Hey, I like it.

  13. We’d love to see better picutes, though!

  14. This brings back memories when I was young (38yrs). Thank you for this craft idea.

  15. best site i’ve been on


  17. i think this idea is great.. a lovely way to recycle old spoons and it looks tops!

  18. barbie332002 says

    whats next… a fryin pan cap???

  19. A more subtle take on the version that leaves the scoop of the spoon on.

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