Starched String Christmas Ball

Starched String Christmas Ball

This is a lovely, unusual Christmas ornament, made with string, a balloon, and fabric stiffener. You can use colored sting if you wish, and decorate the ornament with beads or ribbons.

What you need

Cotton string, a balloon, fabric stiffener


Step 1.  Blow up a balloon so it is about three inches in diameter.

Step 2.  Tape the end of the string to the balloon.  Wrap the string around the balloon until it forms a lacy pattern.

Step 3.  Dip the string covered balloon in fabric stiffener.  Make sure the string gets wet all the way through.  Let the stiffener dry for as long as the directions on the bottle state.

Step 4.  Pop the balloon and pull it out of the ornament.  Tie a loop of ribbon to the ornament and hang it on your tree!


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