Stamped Votive

Stamped Votive

A stamped votive candle that is perfect for gift giving!

What you need

Glass Votive Candle holder
Tissue Paper
White Craft Glue


Take your tissue paper and measure and cut a piece to cover your votive holder.

You can measure this by rolling your votive on it’s side to see how long your paper needs to be.

Once you have cut it and trimmed it to size, lay it down flat.

For this project we used a floral stamp with a soft pink ink, but you could use whatever stamp you had on hand or even a seasonal stamp like christmas or hallowen images.

Using your stamp, stamp your design onto the pre-cut tissue paper. Allow it to dry.

Once dried wrap the paper around the votive holder and secure with some white craft glue (that dries clear)

If you want to add a more durable finish paint the whole area in the white glue, this will give it a protective layer and also a little shine.


  1. You can use a heat gun to adhere the tissue directly to the candel a well

  2. it’s ok

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