Spring Garden Dollar Tree Hat Wreath

Spring Garden Dollar Tree Hat Wreath

This dollar tree tutorial shows you how to make a summer-themed wreath using some garden trellis and a garden sun hat. Perfect for spring

What you need

Dollar Tree Trellis (black)

Dollar Tree Sun Hat

Dollar Tree Lavender Flowers, Dollar Tree Yellow and White Flowers

Hot Glue Gun/ Glue sticks

Black and White Ribbon (I got mine from Walmart but you can make your own)


Start by adding some hot glue to the horizontal metal wires. You need to either work quickly or do small sections of glue at a time as the glue drives very quickly once it has hit the metal

Next add the sun hat.

I bent the bottom of the flowers so they would curve around the bottom of the hat, but you could cut them with wire cutters.

With hot glue, add a few lines and then place the flower stems on top. I added more glue around the stem once it was on the hat to make sure it was in place

I also added some glue to the top parts of the flowers so that they would stick to the hat and stay in place

The bow that I used had a twist tie on the backside so I thread it through the holes in the hat to secure it in place

Hang up using the top of the trellis and enjoy!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!