Easy Spider Web Decorations

Easy Spider Web Decorations

This project is so easy that you can use it for so many different props at halloween time.

What you need

Black Cardstock
White Craft Glue


Using the glue draw out your spider web onto the black cardstock. If you are making a lot you could work on one big piece of card to work quickly.


For kids you can draw out the web first using white chalk (so they can see it) or even have them use the chalk and not the glue at all.

Whilst the glue is still wet sprinkle it with glitter for a nighttime sparkling effect.

Cut out the webs once dry and they are ready to use.


Use a glitter glue pen or a glow in the dark gel pen.

Use these for:

Making a garland – attach to string

Putting on walls, curtains with pins

Using as placemats on the table

Gluing onto brown bags for sweet bags

And so much more!


  1. i tried this just a few days ago and the glue dried clear so i coudn’t really see the weeb.

  2. these halloween decs are ok, but yes, glow in the dark paint would be better….

  3. wannabecrafter says

    I think this is cute, and would look even better if glow in the dark paint was used.

  4. not entertaining

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