Snowflakes On Glass

This is any fun way to decorate for the holidays. I've tried this technique on my windows and the stencil has remained on the window even in below zero temperatures.

What you need

Stencil Paste
Putty Knife
Glitter/Acrylic Paint


snowflake template taped to window

Tape snowflake stencil to your window. You can also use a spray adhesive to hold the stencil in place.

snowflake stencil paste on window

Add a good sized dollop of Stencil Paste to your stencil.

apply stencil paste to window

Slowly spread the Stencil Paste over the stencil. Gently push the paste into the stencil so that all of the corners are covered.

remove stencil

Remove the tape on the bottom and sides, leaving only tape at the top of the stencil. Slowly remove your stencil.

Let the Stencil Paste dry for 24 hours before applying glitter or paint.


  1. I remember doing this as a child, but we used ‘glass wax’ – I believe it was a product for cleaning your windows (just goes to show how old I am!). I will have to see if they still sell the stuff.

    I imagine cleaning glue/paint/glitter off your windows at the end of the season would be quite messy.

  2. what kind of paint do we use? is it acrylicpaint or oil paint or glass paint or fabric paint the best in order of preference

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