Simple Tutu

Simple Tutu

Very simple sewing project to create a tutu using store bought top.

What you need

Elastic waistband
115 tulle and fabric strips
Top came from walmart and I added embellishments to both tutu & top


*** hot glue and/or stitch waistband***
*** view free no sew tutu video on Youtube ***

Size 2 T (waist 19 in length 10 in)

34 in non roll elastic 18 in long (1/2 in overlap, S/B 17 in when fastened.

Tulle strips (6in wide and 22in long)

Fold in half and with loop end 1st, go up and under waistband, hold 2 bottom pieces together and pull thru loop and secure to waistband

Fabric strips (2 1/2 in wide also 22 in long)

Iron fabric strips then fold in half and press crease at top

Lay fabric over top of waistband (crease will help fabric stay in place)

Tie double knot at bottom of waistband

Tied knots on the ends of tulle strips (Melea like to pick them up and play with all the strips!)

Trim fabric strips to your liking

***Can use pinking sheers on fabric if you choose.***

***Do not wash tutu spot clean and use a steamer when needed.***


  1. This is very cute and I love the variety in patterns, colors, and textures. However, where is the link to the youtube how-to video? Thanks!

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