Ship’s Wheel DishCloth

Ship’s Wheel DishCloth

This tutorial shows you how to knit a ship' wheel dishcloth or what is also known as a scrubbie.

What you need

1 Ball MC Lily’s Sugar ‘N Cream yarn
1 Ball CC Lily’s Sugar ‘N Cream yarn
Crochet hook size G



Wheel Dishcloth. This unique dishcloth features a ship’s wheel design, making it perfect for beach homes, coastal kitchens, or anyone who loves sailing and the sea.

Not only is this pattern stylish, but it’s also practical and functional. The Ship’s Wheel Dishcloth is knitted in 100% cotton yarn, making it durable and absorbent for everyday use. The textured stitch pattern adds an extra scrubbing power for tough cleaning jobs.

This free knitting pattern is suitable for knitters of all levels, from beginners to experienced. The pattern is easy to follow and includes written instructions and a chart for the ship’s wheel design.

Not only is this pattern a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen, but it also makes a thoughtful gift for family and friends who love the beach or sailing. You can knit a set of dishcloths for a housewarming gift, or include it in a care package for someone who is moving away from the coast.

So grab your knitting needles and set sail with the Ship’s Wheel Dishcloth pattern. We hope you enjoy knitting and using this unique and practical dishcloth in your home or gifting it to someone special.

Ships Wheel Dishcloth (8 ” Diameter)

Directions Rnd 1) Ch 3. 11 Dc in 3rd Ch from hook.

Join to top of Ch 3. (12 Dc) Rnd 2) Ch 3.

Dc in same space. 2 Dc in each Dc around.

Join to top of Ch 3. (24 Dc)

Rnd 3) Ch 3. 2 Dc in same space.

Ch 2, Skip 2, 3 Dc in next Dc, Ch 2, Skip 2. Repeat* around, ending with Ch 2, Skip 2, join in top of Ch 3. (8 Ch 2 spaces and 8 3 Dc groups) Fasten off MC.

Rnd 4) Join CC with SL St to any Ch 2 space. Ch 3, 2 Dc in same space. *1 Hdc in next Dc, 2 Hdc in next Dc, 1 Hdc in next Dc. 3 Dc in next Ch 2 Space.

Repeat from* around, ending with 1 Hdc in last Dc, Join to top of Ch 3.

Rnd 5) Ch 3. 1 Dc in next 2 Dc, *2 Dc in next Dc, 1 Dc in next 2 Dc. Repeat from*around, ending with 1 Dc in last 4 stitches. Join to top of Ch 3. Fasten off CC.

Rnd 6) Join MC with SL St in any Dc, 1 Sc in same space. Sc around to first Sc. Join. Fasten off.

Rnd 7) Join CC in any Sc, Ch 1, Sc in same space, *2 Sc in next, 1 Sc in next 2. Repeat from* around. Join.

Rnd 8) Ch 1, Skip 1, Reverse Sc in next, *Ch 1, Skip 1, Reverse Sc in next. Repeat from* around. Join. Fasten off.

Darlene Anderson



  1. Sharron Gorman says

    it is a crochet pattern,but the image is a knitted one

  2. Anonymous says

    Did no one notice this is NOT KNITTING? It is filed under knitting projects and titled as a knitting project but it is definitely crochet. Thank you.

  3. Good pattern. I used Sugar & Cream’s Buttercream for the entire thing. It looks good.

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