Sharpie Pen Halloween Ghost Mug

Sharpie Pen Halloween Ghost Mug

Sharpies have gone beyond the page and now you can use them to hand draw on ceramics. Make Cute mugs for Halloween gifts or fill them with candy for a special treat.

What you need

White mug
Black Sharpie


This sharpie Halloween project shows you how to make a cute ghost mug. The eyes are created using a fingerprint for a little extra personalization.

To create the fingerprint, simply use the Sharpie to draw onto the finger or thumb and press firmly onto the cup.

When you’re finished, just pop the mugs into the oven (while the oven is still cold) and bring it up to 350°F (~175°C) for half-hour to set the design.

Allow to cool. Do not be tempted to touch it.

Only hand-wash to insure the longevity of your design.

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