Sewing Pattern: Recycled Jeans Potholders

Sewing Pattern: Recycled Jeans Potholders

Recycle an old pair of jeans into handy pocket potholders! Easy to do, fun sewing project.

What you need

Blue Jeans, Batting, Bias Tape or Fabric, Sewing Machine


1.Using a saucer or plate as a circle template, place it over your jean pocket and trace around it with a marker. I used a larger saucer that was about 7″ wide.


2. You need to cut out 1 pocket and 1 backing for each pot holder. The back doesn’t need to be a pocket, so I cut mine out of the blue jean leg.




3. Also cut out 1-3 circles of batting depending on how thick you want your pot holder and stack them in between the 2 jean pieces.


4. For this step you can either use premade double fold bias tape, or make your own like I did.  To make your own, follow the picture tutorial below.

1. Cut a 4″ wide strips of fabric. You need it long enough to go around your circle.

2. Fold it in half, iron to crease it and unfold it.

3. Fold the edges in to the middle, iron.

4. Fold in half and iron.


5. Starting with one end of your bias tape (your own, or premade), pin it to your pot holder, sandwiching the potholder inside of the bias tape.


6. Continue pinning your bias tape over the edge of your potholder, going around the circle. When you get back around to where you started, Snip off the extra, leaving about 1″.


7. Fold the edge of the extra under and pin it down over where you started.


8. Sew around the edges, going through your bias tape and your pot holder, also making sure to sew through the bias tape on the backside.


9. Take a 4″ piece of your bias tape and sew down the open edge. Fold it in half with the edges over the top of your pot holder, so that it makes a loop. Pin it down.


10. Sew it down.

IMG_4825 IMG_4829 potholders


  1. Shirley Evans says

    I love it I am going to buy a sewing machine so I can sew

  2. Jo Mueller says

    Just found this site and I love, love, love the potholder idea. Just in time for Mother’s Day gifts for some of my special friends.

  3. I like this idea, I use the legs of worn out jeans for boy’s comforts, now I can also use the pockets.

  4. Amy Sheppard says

    This is so cute. I am going to make some with my granddaughter today. She will enter it in a local fair. Thanks, Amy Sheppard

  5. Deborah Musgrove says

    Love the potholders!

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