Seashell Votive Holder

Seashell Votive Holder

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What you need

1 glass 4″ candle holder
1 medium size seashell
Thin rope
Quick gel super glue
Candle if desired
Hot glue gun & glue


This free craft project shows you how to make a fun seashell votive candle holder, perfect for parties, DIY wedding favors and small festive gifts.
You will begin by gluing the rope tightly onto the glass candle holder. So begin at that bottom and start tying the rope around the candle holder.
Squeeze a little of the super glue onto the spot where you will continue tying the rope.
Continue doing this until you have gotten all the way to the top.
Now, hot glue the seashell onto the rope.
And last, tie some raffia right above the rope, just as pictured.

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