Seashell And Moss Picture Frame

Seashell And Moss Picture Frame

This picture frame is made using collected seashells from a day at the beach. But it would be the perfect party decorations or favor for a beach party or kids summer pool party theme.

What you need

Wooden picture frame
Hot glue gun & glue
1 starfish
Seashells; variety of sizes
Natural green moss
A picture


This is a really neat picture frame that you can keep forever as a memory.

You can start randomly squeezing out glue onto the wooden frame. Now quickly place moss onto the picture frame.

Make sure you cover up every little space, so the wood is not visual. Next, hot glue your seashells and starfish on top of the moss.

And last, place a picture of you picking those seashells on the beach.


  1. cool i cant wait to try this

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