Scarf: Raspberry Stitch Patchwork

Scarf: Raspberry Stitch Patchwork

This scarf is made up of 7 - 10 patches of this pattern.

What you need

7-10 Different kinds of yarn
Size 8 needles (5mm)
Tapestry Needle


Raspberry Stitch

Cast on 18 stitches

Row 1: Purl

Row 2: Slip the first stitch, *(K1,P1,K1 into same stitch) P3TOG* repeat until last stitch, K1

Row 3: Purl

Row 4: Slip, *P3TOG, K1,P1,K1 into same stitch* repeat until last stitch, K1

Do this for about 24 rows.

Bind off in Purl

Sew patches together and you’re done!

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