Pom-Pom Scarf

Pom-Pom Scarf

Make a pom-pom scarf this winter with this free pattern.

What you need

Pom Pom
Wool for Pom Poms


Make as many pom-poms as required for the length you need.

Leave a good length of yarn as you complete each pom-pom as you will need this to connect each one together.

When sewing the pom-poms use a large darning needle long enough to go through to the next pom-pom.

Take one length of yarn from your first pom-pom, thread it through and tie the two strands together.

All done!


  1. This is so cute. I am definitely going to be making a few of these, possibly for every girl I know. 🙂 Thank you.

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