Santa Wine Bottle Tube

Santa Wine Bottle Tube

This Christmas Project shows you how to recycle a postal tube into a Santa wine bottle cover.

What you need

Postal Tube
Red Felt
White Felt
Black Felt
Craft Glue
Red Cord for Handle
Red Paint
White Paint
Cream Paint
Black Paint
1 Red pom pom for nose


Before you begin, make sure a bottle of wine fits into your postal tube as tubes vary around the world. Our tube is 13.4 inch (34cm) high and has a circumference of 12.4 inch (31.5 cm).

Empty tube

Take your postal tube and paint with red paint. You may need to give it several coats to cover any existing writing.


Attach the red cord by piercing a hole into the top side of the tube and threading the cord through. Secure with a strong knot.

Paint a oval for the face as shown and a white stripe down the middle for the seam of his jacket. (You could also use felt for both these sections).

Using black cut a 1.2 inch strip of felt to go around his belly. (measure your tube).

Cut the belt buckle, beard and mustache using the pattern below.

Santa Wine Bottle Pattern

Thread the buckle through the belt and secure with glue. Place the seam of the belt towards the back for a neater finish.

Measure the circumference of your tube and create a Santa hat with red felt. Add a white felt trim around the hat for the fur as shown. Do not glue on the hat as this acts as the lid for your wine bottle.

If you have the plastic cap from the postal tube you can simply glue the hat to the original postal tube cap for an actual lid.

Paint on Santa’s eyes, glue on his nose and glue on beard and mustache.

All done!


What do you think of this project? Let us know!