Rock Men

Rock Men

Let the kids show their creativity with this simple project.

What you need

Flat River Rocks
Wobble Eyes
Craft Glue
Permanent Marker
Marabou Feather garland
Or wool for hair


Use craft glue to glue on wobbly eyes and hair to make these little rock men and women.

They can be used as paper weights or pocket friends.

Why not try a larger one for some book ends or a door stop?


  1. I needed a craft visual for Stephen in the Bible who was stoned for preaching about Jesus. Perfect craft! Easy enough for my preschoolers!

  2. im gonna give these to my friends as end of year gifts at school! Thanks!

  3. When it comes to encouraging kids to express their creativity, there is no such thing as a waste of supplies in my opinion. Just don’t allow them to use anything you feel is too expensive, etc. I think this is a great project. My boys loved pet rocks!

    • Gilmer Gal says

      True. Crafters like to use their hands, sometimes to do silly things. It’s not a waste of time to us! Just something we can create, either easy or difficult. Fun stuff!

  4. Not trying to be rude but seems kind of a waste of supplies and time. Just my opinion.

  5. my little girl is giving her classmates little presents. we chose to give these to the boys – girls got barrets.

  6. very cute

  7. who would really want to make this? Not trying to be rude but seems kind of a waste of supplies. Just my opinion.

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