Resin – Cake Sprinkle Ring

Resin – Cake Sprinkle Ring

This project shows you how to use Cake Sprinkles as an embedding material to create a fun ring.

What you need

Measuring Tools
Disposable Mixing bowl or cup
Disposable tools
Suitable mold
Cooking Spray

Cake Sprinkles
Altered Art Adjustable Ring


Find a resin mold is a desired size for your ring topper. You could use a ice cube tray for a square topper and just make it shallow. It will depend on your own style requirements as to what size and shape topper you would like to use.

Pour your resin into your mold and allow it to settle for around 10 mins before pushing in your cake sprinkles. Use a plastic knife or tweezers to push the sprinkles into the mold making sure you don’t push it to hard on the bottom.

Once set, sand the back of the casting with some fine sandpaper to make it smooth before attaching it to your altered art project, pendant or bracelet.

To create a pendant simply drill a small hole and connect a jump ring, ribbon or chain.

The ring has been made using a small resin mold filled with cake sprinkles. Then it is adhered to the bracelet using a silicone or super glue.

For complete instructions on casting with resin read these Basic resin casting techniques

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Disposable Mixing cups , Silicone resin molds, Items for Embedding



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