Religious Bible Candle

Religious Bible Candle

This candle is so easy to make and can be used for religious occasions, wedding unity candle or even as a Sunday school bible craft.

What you need

8 Flat Sequins
5 Fabric Roses
Foil leaves
Glitter glue


Start by covering your candle with some glitter glue. It only has to be a small dusting of glitter.

Take your sequins and thread them onto the pins. Place the pins in a Cross formation in the centre of the candle.

If your pins will not push in then heat them slightly.

Thread the roses onto the pins and place them in a decorative formation along with the foil leaves. If you can not get the foil leaves try pinning on small silk leaves.

I finished off the candle with a length of lace glued to the bottom. Wrap the candle up in some cellophane for a wonderful gift.

Remember to never leave a candle unattended.

Remove the Roses before burning down to the bottom.



  2. I like this!

  3. its ugly, tacky and gluing crap on something doesnt make it creative or crafty lol

  4. nice i like it

  5. lookes a little hard but cool

  6. Loved it,thanks

  7. This is a very simple yet elegant project,one for wedding or just to have in your home,or give as a give,I make candles for my girls,and this will be on the list for this year.Thank you,Lisa

  8. It’s a beautiful gift idea, thank you!

  9. Very easy, yet beautiful results!!

  10. says

    If you can’t say anything nice, then keep it to yourself, you don’t have to make anything EXACTLY like it is shown. If you are crafty, then you should know that. Not nice at all. Shame. It is a very nice idea. Thanks for sharing.

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