Recycled Tin Lid Ornament

Recycled Tin Lid Ornament

Not sure if it happens in your house, but in ours, we keep finding these tin lids without a tin! One day, we decided to make an ornament with them!

What you need

Lids off of juice concentrate cans or coffee cans. (They need to have smooth edges)
A nail, any size you wish
Sharpie marker pen
Satin cord, or something for hanging.


First, wash the lid to make sure it is clean.

Then, take the design you chose and trace it on the lid with the sharpie pen.

Next, take the nail, and going around the outline of the pattern, use the hammer to punch a hole.

Then, punch a hole for your hanging cord, and presto! A beautiful tin punched ornament!


  1. How come I’m not credited with posting this project? Because I did!? >:/

    • Judy, You must have been one of our original contributors. When we changed website design a few years ago we lost all usernames. Your project would have been labelled, “Subnmitted By ____Username__” If you send me your full name I will happily update it for you.

  2. Love the upcycled use of this lid! I have a stack that I’m working on. thanks for sharing your idea!

  3. A better way to use the lids it so make sure you get a can opener, such as Pampered Chef, that will separate the lid from the can leaving no sharp edges.

  4. I have made ornaments out of juice can lids using holiday rub-on transfers. I spray it with fixative, or you can use enamel or mod-podge–whatever you have. Glue a ribbon to the back and you’re done. I also like to mod-podge pictures of a person as a child on them.

  5. If you get the lids with a ring pull, you can stand a tea-light on the back and the light shines through the holes -I know cos I have made some this very week!

  6. i love this idea!! mi mom has kept a buncha these lids because she said a craft would come around and now it did!! great idea

  7. I love it! this is so adorable 😀 i am putting them on all of my friends gifts as a little side gift! i cant wait and you can do different ideas for different friends! 😀 like stars,hearts,
    christmas trees,flowers,candies,bells,bows, ect. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  8. I’m glad everyone likes the idea!

  9. we had someone donate about 1000 juice can lids last year (I’m a brownie leader) and this is a great fun way to use them up!

  10. I love this idea – simple and effective

  11. Great idea!

  12. So simple to do and yet, so beautiful.

    Ty for sharing that idea.

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