Recycled Leather Bracelet

Recycled Leather Bracelet

Use leftover leather to make this cool bracelet. It’ll take only a few minutes.

What you need

Materials Needed:
1. Leather (thin)
2. Tapestry needle and wax thread
3. Scissors
4. Ruler and pen
5. 24 gauge wire ring
6. Leather glue


Step-1: Decide the thickness for your bracelet, mine is 1 inch. The ring should be slightly larger than the bracelet’s thickness. Also cut out a small strip of leather for the lock system. You will need these 3 items to make the bracelet.

Step-2: Place the small leather strip on a flat surface by facing its wrong side up and then place the large leather piece horizontally by levelling it’s edge with the small strip. Fold the small piece into a loop and do a cross stitch to attach the folded sides of the small piece with the edge of the large piece.

Step-3: Insert the ring into the loop and apply glue on the middle part of the loop to secure the ring. I used a clothes pin to hold the middle part while the glue dried.

Step-4: Once the glue is dry wrap the bracelet around your wrist. Insert the leather through the open side of the ring from downwards, pull and again take it through the other side of the ring, tighten it.

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What you need

Vintage coin or special coin
Drill and Small Drill Bit
11 inch (30cm) of Leather strapping
Jewelry Clasp
Jewelry Wire
crimp ends


This Vintage coin bracelet is a very funky way to show off some antique coins. You could also make this with a coin from a holiday or a memento coin.

To start with you will need to drill the holes into your coin. Drill one hole on either side of the coin using a small drill bit.

Attach your leather using the crimp ends by placing the ends of the leather into the spring and clamping down on the wire with a pair or pliers.

Attach this loop to the hole in the coin. Do this again for the other side.

Next, measure the leather around your wrist before adding another clamp at either end of the leather as shown in the picture and attaching a jewelry clasp so you can fasten it.

If you do not want to use a clasp you can simply tie it onto your wrist.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!