Recycle Old Jeans Into A Needle Case

Recycle Old Jeans Into A Needle Case

This recycled craft shows you how to turn some old jeans into a handy needle bag or tote.

What you need

old jeans
scraps of fabric
sewing machine


It all started with the idea of recycling a pair of jeans.

First I disassemble all the parties of the jeans I will be able to use later.

I used the back pockets to create a piece of fabric, that will become the front and the back side of my needlecase.

To make the lining of the needle case, I decided to make a pocket, with, what  it was before, the zipper of the pants, and added another pocket on the other side and finally added two sheets of felt.


  1. Interesting pot holder/jeans pot holder project. Thank you for reminding me how to make the binding. Can also make hot pads or coaster the same way just pink the outside instead of using the binding.

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