Recycled Gift Boxes

Recycled Gift Boxes

The kids can get some painting fun, and make their own gift boxes at the same time by reusing everyday small boxes.

What you need

Gift Boxes


How many times have we thrown out small boxes that are wrapped around the items we buy? Almost every day for many of us!  We have cold medicine in small flat boxes, toothpaste in great rectangle shapes, cereal in wonderful sized gift boxes, even Aspirin in cute, little, tiny boxes!

Finally, there is a use for them!

First, open and flatten out the boxes, they will be easier to paint when they are flat.  You can concentrate on one side, and then do the other side.  And this way, all the flaps will also be the same color as the outside of the box.  Place out a few puddles of paint, hand the kids some brushes, and watch them work their magic!

Even the youngest ones can produce boxes they can be proud of.  In the bottom picture, you will see that the box was simply painted blue, and then dotted on with a pencil, with an assortment of colors.

A simple box, which is usually of no use after the contents are used up, now has a new life, and may even be re-cycled by the receiver, to carry another gift to another friend, and so on… and so on… and so on….  These great boxes can be used to tuck in some theatre tickets, a pair of funny socks, a few candies, or even some money

Gift boxes….. make some today!

Submitted by Emilda Harrington – Hectanooga At Etsy

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