Recycled Belt – Swirls Set Jewelry

This free jewelry making craft project shows you how to recycle leather belts into interesting and custom jewelry pieces.
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Recycled Belt – Swirls Set Jewelry

What you need

Recycled Leather Belt
Earring Findings
Scissors or Sharp Blade
Hole Punch
Needle Nose Pliers
20 Gauge wire
Leather Strapping


This project uses a recycled textured belt check thrift stores for interesting designs and belt styles.

Cut 1 inch length of a belt which already has stitching along the edge. The belt was 3/4 inch wide. Therefore for the earrings, simple cut two pieces about 1/3 inch wide, and the original width of the belt now becomes the length of the earrings.

Using a small finish nail, and a hammer, punch holes in the tops of the two pieces for the earrings, and in the top of the piece for a pendant.

Nip the two top corners off of the pendant piece with scissors or a razor knife.

Using needle nose pliers, cut a piece of 20 gauge wire 1′ long.

Form a loop in one end, and then form a loop at the other end, going in the other direction to make a figure 8.

Pass one loop of each wire into the pendant, and the earrings.

Use the other loop to hang the earrings from ear wires, and for the cord of the pendant.

All done!


  1. made earrings 6 years ago from my moms belt. they were very pretty and unique:) love recycling!

  2. Great idea!

  3. I’m a recycling nut. This was such a cool idea. I’m looking forward to seeing more ideas recycling belts.

  4. This is one of the best uses of an old belt I have seen in the recycled craft world.

  5. What a fab idea

  6. pink_monkey says

    I love this idea… wanna Adopt these ideas into my designs!

  7. This would also be excellent with beads hanging from borrom of pieces!

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